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High quality art print of my acrylic painting of "Amethyst GIrl" Acrylic Painting. Painting is 11 x 16 inches (with white border, 11.7 x 16.5 inches.)

Print of my original concept painting based on the mythological story of the creation of amethyst. The goblet has references to Bacchus and Diana who are involved in the story.

"The lovely Amethyste walked to the temple of Diana in Rome. She carried her torch and garlands past the dark alley in which Bacchus hid. Bacchus, having watched her pass many moons prior, felt a familiar lightning bolt of excitement emanating from his center. This overwhelmed him and held him in place, until it made his mind giddy with lust.
Unable to control himself this time, he stepped out of the alley a stretch behind her to pursue her in his lustful drunken stupor. His amorous chants reached her virginal ears, so she quickened her step.

He began to lope behind her, carrying on about her loveliness and how he must have her for his own. The young maiden, nearly to the stoop of Diana's temple, cried out in fear for her purity.

Diana, awakened by the loud pleas of her worshiper, saw the wine god's arm outstretched, his fingers nearly grasping Amethyste's cloak. In a daring act of rescue, she spoke a word into the air. Immediately, Amethyste transformed into a statue of solid white crystal, pure as new snow.

As Bacchus clutched his fingers closed, they gripped the solid white hood of her robe, cold comfort to the frenzied god. Snapped into sobriety by the icy veneer of white crystal, he realized his folly. Right there, Bacchus knelt down before the petrified maiden and wept.

So saturated with drink was he that he wept tears of wine, which soaked into the ground beneath the feet of the statue. As if the possessed of the powers of a tree, the statue wicked up the tears of the repentant god. As Bacchus continued his wailing, the white crystal transformed to violet, and amethyst was born." from

"Amethyst Girl" Print of Acrylic Painting Mythology of Gem


    This is a high resolution print of my original acrylic painting.- Professionally printed using archival inks on high quality card stock paper.  I will personally sign all prints, either on the bottom or the back, whichever is most fitting to the format of the print.


    No returns or refunds.


    My art prints will be mailed in plastic sleeve in a large rigid envelope (12.5 x 17 inch envelope). The paper the art is printed on is fairly stiff, so it is not able to be rolled into a tube. In the U.S., prints will be mailed via Priority Mail and international will be mailed via First Class Mail.

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